Ski Andorra, a fantastic choice for intermediate and beginner skiers

Andorra is the sixth smallest country in Europe and is situated between France and Spain in the Pyrenees Mountains (the mountain chain that makes up the northernmost boarders and the French in Spain, running east to west). Andorra makes a celebrated ski location because it is very mountainous indeed.

Skiing for beginners in Andorra

In fact, the average elevation of the mountains you will find here is less than 2000 meters (the lowest place is just under 900 meters), with the highest peak being Koma Pedrosa standing at 2500 meters. If you are an avid skier or just want to go for an annual ski vacation, then Andorra might be the place for you – cool summers and snowy winters make outdoor mecca. Since Andorra is perfectly situated between France and Spain, it is quite easy to get to. Given this, it was surprising how small the crowd was when France and Spain exploded at the seams with tourists. It’s not that Andorra is unpopular, quite the opposite. Andorra is simply an alternative ski vacation destination – not everyone seems to be thinking about coming here, even though it’s so close and offers comparable skiing. Ski resorts in Andorra are a fantastic choice for intermediate and beginner skiers. Experts can have a challenging time too, but the slopes are more geared towards holiday skiers in the middle of the ground. There are ski schools and board schools, then, to teach you anything you may not know about.

The ski resorts of Andorra are full of places for young bobber-boys to go and hit the ski apres well into the night; but, also, Andorra has plenty of resorts that cater to the elderly, or at least a more peaceful crowd. Andorra ski resorts have a lot to offer for solo and family skiers. Some of the Andorra skis you’ll find in the far east of the country include Pas de la Casa, Grau Roig, Soldeu, Soldeu el Tarter, Canillo, and Encamp. On the far western side of Andorra you’ll find the most inviting ski areas of Arinsal, Pal, La Massana and Ordino-Arcalis. Although some ski resorts meet each other or share a common space with the Spanish or French, some offer some very different skiing. Arinsal is a great place for beginners. There are 68 km of pistes and 43 total runs, with 19 of them reserved for beginners. With 30 lifts in total, you won’t be waiting your turn all day long. The ski resort of Encamp in Andorra has snowboard parks and 100 runs in total, with 40 of them dedicated to beginners.

Soldeu Ski Resort Guide

There are almost twice as many lifts as in Arinsal with 63 total lifts taking you to a maximum height of 2600 meters. Likewise, La Massana has an elevator that takes you up to 2570 meters and gives you 89 pistes to practice on. There is even one snowboard park and 26 lifts with lots of snow cannons. The longest run you will have here is 6 km. Buddy in Andorra, on the other hand, can take you only up to 2560 meters at the highest of 30 lifts. The resort itself is situated at 780 meters but you will find 68 km of trails right above it.

There are 42 total runs and beginner and intermediate will both be well served with 19 and 18 runs respectively. There is a snow cannon and a max climb service per person of 30,000 skiers per hour. Pas de la Casa is a slightly lower resort and is located at more than 2000 meters. The highest lift, however, will take you higher than Pal at 2640 meters. The longest run here is 6 km but there are 51 runs in total, more than many other resorts. The reason is simple: 40 beginner and 37 intermediate ski runs leaving 23 expert runs, perhaps the most you will find in Andorra. There are 63 lifts (nearly double the others) and plenty of snow cannons keeping 95,000 skiers an hour snow bound and happy. Soldeu el Tarter can take you to as high as 2560 meters on 63 lifts and 193 km pistes.

This means that there are 100 runs and 40 reserved for beginners and 37 for intermediates. There are snow cannons and north facing slopes. The good thing about all these ski resorts in Andorra is the price, comparable cheaper than other alpine resorts, especially for Western Europe. While the vibe may be the same and the resort is uniformly “equal” in appearance, design and slopes, the skiing here is second to none if you want great skiing without the “western” price tag. Snow is reliable and if you’re with friends rather than family you’ll have the opportunity to participate in some exciting and wild apres skiing. Slopes are well maintained across the board and the whole of Andorra has great lifts, manicured pistes and lots of things to do on and off the slopes. Combined with a duty-free country, you can’t serve your bad at a lower price.

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