Backcountry skis for 2010

Skis designed with the skier facing down, in the direction of mind-lift and backcountry, telemark or AT, continue to have wider dimensions, a more durable construction and improvements to improve control at the top, tail and overall shape of the ski. Several skis in this review present “balanced” tips or early growth tips. These are ski tips that start to rise more back along the ski than most of us are used to. The balanced tips shorten the ski tread on firm snow, while improving soft snow floating. Manufacturers also offer a wider range of ski models for women, as well as for smaller and lighter skiers. Some of the shortest skis on the market turn out to be,


Skis in this category excel in soft and deep snow conditions. To realize their full potential, these skis like to be driven with bigger boots by skiers with solid alpine skiing experience. At the same time, however, the wider dimensions of these skis make them an excellent cold ski for dedicated skiers who prefer a medium-weight boot, but would like more flotation on the ground from a small angle to a medium angle.


Dimensions: 138-115-123 (188cm)
Lengths: 175 / 185cm
Weight: 4.15 kg (9.2 lbs) PVR
: $ 749
Featuring a wood core, minimal chamber, oscillating tip and side enough to increase control in harder snow conditions, Justice loves the powder and much of it. It’s a bit hard to get into the country, but with the four-buckled boots needed to drive this ski to its full potential, it won’t really matter if you’re in a solid form of tourism. From a country standpoint, they would make good skis, which are ideal for days when skiing is the main focus, or for powdery days, when a combination of horseback riding and side tours is in the books.


Dimensions: 151-125-138 (182cm)
Lengths: 162/172/182 / 192cm
Weight: 3.8 kg (8.6 lbs) PVR
: 625 USD
Lower in price than most other skis in this class and made in the USA (Salt Lake City), the Wood Core Drifter is the veteran version of the Voile of a large, balanced ski. It is also one of the lightest skis in the large and balanced category and is therefore an excellent choice among experienced skiers, as a dedicated powder ski in the backcountry. However, Drifter can be matched with medium-weight boots / three buckles, with excellent results when looking for fresh, powder-coated, low- or medium-angle terrain. Surprisingly, rotating for its size, this ski can withstand even the tightest limits of the Vermont forest.

G3 ZEST (for women)

Dimensions: 132-100-123 (166cm)
Lengths: 166 / 172cm
Weight : 3.4kg (7.5lbs )
RRP: 569 USD
This is a colorful and beautifully designed wooden ski that is one of the most versatile rockers – chips taken out there. However, it does not qualify as a ski for nothing. When driven by a strong skier, it can handle the heavy packing and icy conditions that are sometimes found in New England, but Zest prefers to stay in the softer, untrodden snow, found more often in the country and on dusty days. . Lighter men, who are not afraid to have a color, should also consider this ski as a great ski, for milder snow conditions.


This category features skis that are versatile enough to be your unique ski and from anywhere. They excel in a wide variety of snow and terrain conditions.

Black Diamond JOULE (Women’s)
Size: 126-95-114 (188cm)
Length: 175 / 185cm
Weight: 4.15kg (9.2lbs)
MSRP: $ 749
specific wood-core ski Other women in medium fat category, excels in Joule all snow conditions when maintained and when driven by an experienced skier. With a beautiful combination of medium side cut, width and flexibility, Joule fits well with boots with four or three buckles. It’s easy enough to tour for days, but stable enough to sculpt caretakers for hours on end. This is simply a great example of versatile skiing.


Dimensions: 140-105-130 (168cm)
Lengths: 156/168 / 181cm
Weight: 3.3kg (7.2lbs ) RRP
: $ 629
Made in the USA (Colorado), Icelandicantic’s durable wood core construction, functional dimensions and beautiful designs are worth a look. Nomad is their most versatile ski, with a side layer enough to negotiate twisted lines in heavier snow conditions, enough width underfoot for excellent powder floating and an incredibly smooth flex that seems to make the transition from a turn to next effortlessly. Available in a short length of 156 cm and, when combined with a boot with three buckles or medium weight, it is an excellent choice for skiers interested in the comfort of tourism, maneuverability and performance on the descent.


Dimensions: 126-96-117 (177cm)
170/177 / 184cm Weight : 3.3kg (7.3lbs ) PVR
: $ 650
Paulownia wood core, sustainably harvested, Storm BC was a favorite among many well-rounded skiers with a country habit in the northeast. Favoring medium speeds and medium turning radius, Storm BC is as much at home on a steep and wind-blown alpine slope as when it is treated with untreated powder under the shelter of hardwood canopy. Easy enough to drive for days, it can be driven with excellent results by either a three-boot or four-buckle boot.


These are skis for those who give higher priority to tourism performance than downhill performance, or for skiers with more technical activities in mind, including ski mountaineering and hiking.


Dimensions: 109-78-95 (175cm)
: 165/175/185 / 195cm Weight: 2.6 kg (5.8 lbs) PVR
: 380 USD
The popular XCD (cross-country downhill) ski line in Karhu continues to be strong, thanks in large part to the guide’s success. A light, wax-free, ultra-versatile ski, the Guide skied on the upper flanks of K2, was on missions at the North Pole, and often gathered pastures in rural Vermont. It’s light enough to be taken on ultra-long hikes with light boots, wide enough to keep you floating on softer snow, and stable enough to occasionally tackle steep, alpine conditions. Although its wax-free base gives you the comfort of climbing without skins, you can put skins on the guides when the walk becomes steep or slippery. The guide is also a great choice for light skiing on the back door, along country trails or for hardwood skiing adventures.

Dynafit Seven Summits
Dimensions: 113-78-100 (170cm)
Length: 156/163/170 / 178cm
Weight: 2.64kg (5.8lbs)
MSRP: $ 550 550
Summits is designed for dedicated ski climbers who prefer shorter, lighter in weight, and more maneuverable skis for difficult terrain navigation and long distances in the mountains. The Seven Peaks are maintained on hard-packed alpine slopes and steep slopes and, with some caution, can help you get through even the most difficult snow conditions that Nature can release. Randonee riders also love the light and agile nature of this ski.

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